1. Leave tattoo bandage for at least four hours or over night.
  2. When you’re ready, wash your hands with a mild liquid soap (Dial or Soft-soap, preferably something fragrance free) and remove the bandage.
    Immediately wash your tattoo in a circular motion using a mild liquid soap and warm or hot water, and only use your fingertips with light pressure. Wash it gently until all ointment, excess ink and blood / plasma are removed from the tattoo then rinse your tattoo with cold water.
  3. Gently pat the tattoo dry (do not wipe it) with a clean paper towel then let the tattoo air dry.
  4. Continue the steps above to clean your tattoo at least twice a day for the next few weeks or until it’s completely healed.
  5. After three days (or once your tattoo has begun to dry out) you may begin to apply (with clean hands) a small amount of mild, unscented and aloe free lotion to your tattoo. Gently massage it in and blot off any excess with a clean dry paper towel.
  6. Continue this process (just enough to keep your tattoo from drying out) daily until your tattoo is completely healed.

Do not:

  • Do not re-bandage your tattoo
  • Do not wear tight, restrictive, abrasive or soiled clothing over the tattooed area. Try to wear a comfortable, loose fitting and soft material such as light cotton.
  • Do not scratch your tattoo for any reason. Gently pat or apply unscented lotion.
  • Do not pick at your tattoo.
  • Do not expose your tattoo to direct sunlight or tanning booths for at least three weeks. After your tattoo is completely healed, use a 30 SPF (or greater) sunblock anytime your tattoo is exposed to direct sunlight. This will keep your tattoo from premature fading.
  • Do not soak your tattoo in a hot tub, bath, swimming pool, fresh water, salt water, or sauna for at least three weeks.
  • Do not listen to your friends on how to heal your tattoos. If you have any questions regarding your aftercare please give us a call at 1-952-888-3335 and we will be happy to answer any of your aftercare questions!

If you notice any redness, swelling, or abnormal discharge: please contact your physician.